I have written eight short films, from 1 to 20 minutes long. All, except Armed Tiger Delta, can be filmed in Glasgow or Edinburgh on a low budget.



Breathe - Drama (1 minute)

Emily must find the strength to wish her husband a happy birthday who is on a ventilator suffering from Covid 19, and let him know that she remembers the pacts they made when they were younger, pacts for life and pacts for death.


D.U.O - Drama (2 minutes)

Susan must find the courage to walk past a gang of teenage boys, otherwise she may never leave the house again.


A Galaxy of Marks - Sci-Fi (14 minutes)

Mark, the world’s first clone, is gathering technology so he can clone others, but the government is on his trail and want his technology – he must never let that happen. Here is his story.

Webisodes released every week on YouTube and TikTok. 

It is also is in pre-production with a producer from India.


Busk it! - Drama ( 6 minutes)

Tim dreams of being a rockstar, but despite being homeless, opportunity knocks, and Tim must make the most of his opportunity to change his life around. 


Gardyloo - Horror (20 minutes)

An Edinburgh tour guide must remain professional on a Halloween ghost tour, even though he can now see real ghosts, some friendly, others malevolent, to save the souls on his tour.


Faresenol - Drama (15 minutes)

A soccer mum must choose whether or not to forcefully wake up her comatose husband and risk him dying, so he can identify terrorists before they blow up another shopping mall.  


Armed Tiger Delta - Historical Drama (15 minutes)

Physical and emotional torment is endured as an America soldier is imprisoned behind enemy lines during the Russian Intervention of 1919 pushing him to the deepest and darkest corners of his mind.

Armed Tiger Delta has won 3 accolades including a recommend from the Scriptlab. 


Aqedah - Supernatural LGBTQ+ ( 15 minutes)

The Gospel of Simon finds its way into the hands of a suicidal transgender youth who is visited by Vatican priests seeking the Gospel to destroy its existence and an angel who guides the youth through her existential crisis as she is told she is a prophet of the Lord.