In Me - Rom Com

in  me

John McDermott                  Feature                       Romcom





Ryan, a recently made CEO is put under the spell of Princess Abby who is plain old Abby armed with a magic potion mouth spray that transforms her into a beautiful Disney style princess.  Ryan must follow his heart to find his true Cinderella or risk an unhappy ever after. 



Four Weddings and a funeral, Hitch and any chick flick with Jennifer Aniston. 


Hard sell

A modern-day fairy tale updated for the modern-day princess.   A feel-good movie that looks at relationship problems in a new and funny way.  Innocent family fun – PG-13. 


The world

The streets and hustle of New York.  There are two worlds within one, Ryan’s and Princess Abby’s rich lifestyle, and Abby’s dull working-class life.  The wishing well in Central Park is important, along with Ryan’s place of work – Jorem Enterprise. 


Brief synopsis

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Ryan and a girl called Abby, sorry – Princess Abby


RYAN works in a mail room; ABBY works in a café.  Then overnight Ryan becomes a billionaire as he inherits his dad’s business.  Abby’s birthday wish comes true at a local wishing well – a magic mouthwash spray that transforms her into Princess Abby.  Ryan and Princess Abby fall in love, they are America’s Golden Couple.  But they start to miss their old simpler lives, and Abby’s magic mouthspray is running out. 



Abby made a birthday wish at a local wishing well with the wishing well to make her into a princess – her wish was granted – a magic potion mouthspray that transforms her into a beautiful princess.  It only lasts for a few hours.  Princess Abby is encouraged to give blood, and her blood gets frozen ready for transport. 


Abby has no idea she can transform into a stunning Princess, the world sees Princess Abby wearing expensive designer clothes, and she sees her self in her plain jeans. 


On his 27th birthday Ryan found out that he was adopted, and he was actually the son of the founder of the company he works at.  He becomes an overnight millionaire. Ryan throws a birthday ball and invites everyone.  Abby sneaks out, and transforms into Princess Abby.  She dances with Ryan – all is going to plan. But the magic potion is running out, soon she will be back to normal.  She runs out the ball and Ryan chases after her.  She trips and cuts her lip.  Ryan wipes it clean with his hanky.  He chases after Abby and gets knocked down.  He is rushed to hospital. He needs an operation and needs a blood transfusion.  When he wakes up, he feels different.  He is transformed into Princess Ryan.  His legs need waxed, and he likes the attention from the male doctors.  The spell wears off and Ryan makes a full recovery. 


Abby takes on NIKKI, to work in the café. It is Nikki who realizes that Abby can transform into a princess. Abby finally admits her mouthspray is magic. 


Ryan must find the beautiful Princess he danced with at the ball.  He does so and he knocks on Abby’s door.  She panics – she needs her magic mouthwash.  Princess Abby answers the door.  Ryan is so happy, and Abby’s double life has begun.


Ryan falls in love with Princess Abby, they have so much in common.  Movie premiers and many expensive meals later, mixed with cleaning plates and serving tables in the cafe and they are to get married. 


The magic mouthwash is running low – only a few sprays are left. 


She tells Ryan about her magic mouthwash and transformation – she stands before him without any makeup, beautiful hair and green eyes, not blue.  Ryan has to decide, did he fall in love with her looks or personality.  He can live a normal life with Abby, far from the billionaire lifestyle. 




ABBY – She is 26 years old and works in a greasy spoon café which her 2 stepsisters run. She is naturally beautiful with green eyes, but years of bullying has ruined her self-confidence.  She transforms into Princess Abby who is a completely different character.


PRINCESS ABBY – She is 26 years old and only exists for a few hours at a time. When Abby looks in the mirror, she sees herself, the rest of the world sees Princess Abby.  Big hair, big blue eyes and big breasts.  A model waiting for her big break. 


RYAN – Ryan is 26 years old.  He has a self-belief that he can be anything he wants.  Inheriting the company and millions of dollars overnight hasn’t changed him, just brought out the best in him. 


PRINCESS RYAN – She is 26 years old and is just as beautiful as Princess Abby.  When Ryan looks in the mirror Princess Ryan pouts back. 


NIKKI – A teenage schoolgirl with a perky personality.