Faresi Island 


Format: TV pilot      

Genre: Action

Nutshell: Olympus has fallen meets Lost.


The President of the United States must learn to forgive his decisions that cost the innocent life of the son of a terrorist, who seeks revenge by killing the President’s family.



The teaser drops us in on a calm and tranquil ocean. Deserted islands (including Faresi Island), are peppered miles apart. Burning oil, floating debris and SCREAMS surround a crashed plane. The front has disappeared to its watery grave. COLIN attempts to free himself from floating debris as the water quickly rises. He gets sucked under the plume of water.

Two weeks earlier, Colin has a day off in his garden with his wife, BETH, his daughter, JEMIMA and son ADAM. Colin enjoys hotdogs with RYAN, a poster boy for health and fitness. Colin decides to get back to work and Ryan talks into his secret service earpiece. Colin is the President-elect and the backdrop is the White House.

Colin is sworn in as the President of the United States at the Capitol building. Two days later, Colin gives the command to fire a missile to kill EKONG, an African warlord that they have been tracking and two GENERALS, in Africa. The strike is unsuccessful killing HENRI, Ekong’s son instead.

Colin is invited to throw the first pitch at a baseball game. It is a sell-out game. Colin is shot with a sniper rifle missing his head but shooting him in his shoulder. There is a big action sequence where SUVs and terrorists ambush the motorcade. Colin is rushed into an ambulance but as the drivers are running to the front, they are thwarted by terrorists who carjack the ambulance.

In an abandoned warehouse, Colin is tied to a chair and greeted by Ekong who reveals he has a believable prosthetic mask on transforming him into Colin, then orders him to relay a message to a camera. Colin begins to recite what he is being ordered to be read. Ryan arrives and there are now two Colins. An explosion goes off, knocking Colin on the floor where he hits his head, and Ekong escapes.

One month later and Colin is on Air Force One with his family. Ekong orders planes to shoot down Air Force One. The attack is successful and the plane crashes into the ocean, killing most of the passengers and crew. Colin, his family, and Ryan survive the crash and row in a lifeboat to a nearby island in the distance, Faresi Island.

They wash up on the beach. Their lips are dry and their skin sunburnt. Ryan assures Colin that help will be with them within 24 hours. They explore the island. Adam swings too hard on a rope bridge and falls over the side. Colin grabs on to him and manages to pull him to safety. They retreat back down to the beach.

Not far away from Faresi Island, in a lifeboat, Ekong puts on his prosthetic mask transforming him into Colin. Helicopters and speedboats arrive at his lifeboat and presume he is the real Colin. He steps onto the speedboat and is rescued, his destination, the White House. Meanwhile, Colin and his family continue to hope they will be rescued from Faresi Island within the week.