Hello.  I wanted to write a TV show that had everyday people exhibiting extra ordinary abilities.   It had to be believable with relatable characters showing real emotions and having personal stories to tell.  There positively had to be an “anything goes” approach.  Infinite possibilities.  Life and death.  End of humanity.  May I introduce DEOXY.

John McDermott       DEOXY – 1 Hour TV pilot  Docudrama / Sci-Fi


Deoxy is a sci-fi drama that focuses on various people who have mutated giving them special abilities, like "Heroes" and "X-men."  They are normal people similar to "No Ordinary Family."    “CSI” without the crime.  Nature has also evolved.  Think – “Jaws” on steroids.  


All things change – let us remain.   


Highly evolved people from around the world must come together, discover how to use their special abilities to make sure humanity survives in its decisive battle with nature.    

Hard Sell

Infinite possibilities, with human, animal and plant storylines.  Anything with DNA can have its own episode.   It is not about “Wolverine” or King Kong every week, it is a docudrama which needs to be told – right now.  Humanity is at risk of being eradicated.  And most of us are defenceless and helpless.  Evolution, a powerful ally, or the deadliest weapon on earth.

The world

Our planet has undergone significant global changes, so all life must evolve – and fast.

Nature has provided a solution.  New organic molecules, called mutagens, have been synthesized in the atmosphere and are raining down into the oceans.  These new molecules allow anything with DNA to mutate.  Evolutionary changes that would normally take thousands of years are now taking place in a generation. 

The pilot

The pilot starts with DR. COGGINS explaining what DNA is, what mutations are and how our world has evolved. Humans are killing the planet and it seems that nature is fighting back against humans. ADAM and EVE are FBI agents.  While on a mission to arrest drug dealers – they are both shot, and their bodies thrown over a bridge.  However, the bullets simply bounced off them, and instead of hitting the ground, they hovered above it.  Their superpowers are awakening. 

They are given an assignment to travel the world investigating cases of newly evolved, and deadlier species of animals and insects.  They must also learn more about their own superpowers, while making sure they are kept secret. 

 Eve’s first case is to investigate a remote tribe in the Peruvian rainforest.  The flowers and fauna have evolved, there are purple and red trees that hold the cure for many of the world’s deadliest diseases.  Like planet Pandora from Avatar. LUCY is a member of the Reza tribe, one of four tribes living in the jungle. She has long hair, is attractive and very fit.  She has the gifts that people living in the civilised world have long lost.  She can see auras, is empathic and is very psychic.  Plus, she is a mighty warrior.

Adam investigates the case of stinger flies on Angel Island.  The stingers look like normal household flies, but their sting is deadly and can strip flesh from bones in seconds.  John is attacked and in order to escape jumps into a lake.  His body adapts and he can now swim and hold his breath underwater allowing him to escape this threat. 

Lucy is brought to stay in New York after fighting breaks out between rival tribes.  With Eve’s help, Lucy tries to fit in as best as she can but very quickly realises that others don't see the world the way she does.  She can use her gifts to her advantage.  Members of the rival tribes come to New York to kill Lucy to prevent their ancient prophecies from being fulfilled.  She must be the fittest and strongest in order to survive.  The fight scenes are like something from the Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. 

DR. COGGINS, the leading DNA specialist in the world studies samples brought back from the rainforest. He learns he has terminal cancer, but some of the plant specimens may provide a cure. He discovers a mutagen that rains down from the heavens that causes DNA to mutate at a mighty rate. Killer organisms are seen on a scale never recorded before. These mutagens can also transform everyday people giving them X-men type gifts.

Some stinger flies have managed to make it to New York. They attack PEOPLE in Central Park. They surround Lucy, but she is empathic with all insects, she can tune into their unique frequencies. They stop attacking and simply fly off. With permission from DIRECTOR MERRICK, their boss, Adam and Eve welcome Lucy to their unique team.



Adam – He is a 28-year-old FBI agent.  He graduated top of his class and continues to be amazing at everything he does.  He has superpowers, when he is facing death, his fight or flight response allows him to fly, swim under water and bullets can’t pierce his skin.   He is very matter of fact and has a unique charm that attracts both male and female attention. 

Eve - She is the female version of Adam.   28-year-old, FBI agent, top of her class.  She too has a unique fight or flight response which allows her to do anything to escape death.  She has yet to fall in love, and she is on the lookout for Mr. Right. 

Dr. Coggins – One of the most brilliant scientists of his day.  His research on DNA is unparalleled.  He manages to identify the new mutagen which is causing evolution to take place at an accelerated rate.  He is obsessed by his work, he has no family, which allows him to focus on his work to ensure humanities survival. 

The series

Every episode is self-contained and focusses on one or two newly evolved phenomenon.   The bigger picture – entire species evolution.  Moral questions are asked – is it now acceptable to hurt a fly, so humans can survive. The smaller picture looks at humanity.  Is it egotistical to think we should remain on the top of the food chain?

Future episodes

Calum - A modern day Tarzan who was born an ape, has recently evolved into a Homo Sapien.  He must struggle with his new humanity and wrestle with the perils of his new jungle environment – New York. 

Lucy (Origin story) - Lucy, who was born and raised in the rainforest must quickly adapt to life in New York, finding peace in a noisy and strange new world. 

Killer Chihuahua – This tiny dog has a huge personality, and a deadly bite.

The cure – A plant in the rainforest can cure Diabetes.  Another plant can cure the measles.  These plants must be reproduced and distributed for free.  One large pharmaceutical company has other ideas. 

Jake – He can heal himself within seconds, and his touch can heal within minutes.