Busk it - 6 minutes

Busk it! - Drama

Logline: Tim dreams of being a rockstar, but despite being homeless opportunity knocks, and Tim must make the most of his opportunity to change his life around. 


Cold and raining. TIM, 25, scrawny and scruffy, lies on a sheet of cardboard. He pulls a faded tartan rug over himself. Rain drips from a gutter on his guitar case. He dries the case with the rug and leans his head on it.

The next morning, Tim’s open guitar case lies on the pavement.

He strums a few chords.

He confidently starts to sing. His voice is like any other rockstar's. He sings “Paradise” by the band Lotus.

Lotus are playing in Glasgow next week so Tim spends all the time busking to get enough money for a ticket.

However, his friend Michelle has a terrible cough so he has to spend the money on medicine.

Tim continues to sing his heart out and attracts a good size crowd as he sings on Buchanan Street. Later that night while at a homeless centre, KARL, 24, steals Tim’s money. Once again he is broke and the concert is only a few days away.

On the night of the gig Tim resigns to the fact he won’t be able to go to the gig. He sings Lotus’s songs to the concert goers wearing the bands hoodies.

LIAM, 32, approaches Tim as he sings and asks if he can sing with him. Tim passes Liam his guitar. Then it hits him. Liam is the lead singer of Lotus. A massive crowd gathers them, hundreds of phones record this impromptu concert while security guards manage the crowd. Liam invites Tim and Michelle to the gig as VIP’s. It’s the best night of their lives.