Breathe - 1 minute


Logline: Emily must find the strength to wish her husband a happy birthday who is on a ventilator suffering from Covid 19, and let him know that she remembers the pacts they made when they were younger, pacts for life and pacts for death.



EMILY (45), sits in her cold and dirty flat. She accepts an incoming Skype call on her laptop. It is from the hospital. Her husband, RICHARD (42) lies in a bed linked to a hospital bed as he fights Covid-19. Richard’s birthday presents are wrapped up in the corner.

Emily reads from the Bible. “Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried.” Emily and Richard made a pact that when one person died, the other would closely follow.

Richard’s EKG monitor beeps and Emily takes a sharp breath in. Nurses rush around Richard’s bed. She breathes out as the EKG monitor beeps a steady rhythm.