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Ebook & Paperback Covering all the major attractions visible on a tour bus. Over 60 Photos of all the major tourist attractions in Glasgow. From the Art Galleries, Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow University, Glasgow Green, River Clyde and the City Centre, this book has all you need to know to make sure you enjoy your visit to Glasgow. With descriptions on all the landmarks, including when the buildings were built, this book will make sure you don't miss anything Glasgow has to offer.

Ebook & Paperback An in depth companion guide to Glasgow University with over 60 colour photos. All of the main buildings are covered, along with many of the sculptures found on campus.

Ebook Glasgow has so much to offer. You can spend so much time sightseeing the major attractions. This book looks at sights you may miss when visiting Glasgow, including the West End, the city centre and the Southside. Kelvin Grove Art Galleries - interior and statues House for an Art Lover Glasgow Bridges Barras Botanic gardens Statues Clydeport Crane Govan Doulton Fountain Glasgow Science Centre Forth and Clyde canal Victoria Park Glasgow Cathedral Glasgow University Mitchell Library Pollok House Waverly You can use this book to create your own tour of Glasgow and explore areas off the main routes.
Why not try to find where the photo was taken and take a selfie from that spot. I have also written 6 books called Glasgow, by the way which looks at how Glasgow has changed over the past 100 years.

Glasgow by the way - series

The Virtual Mitchell Library has many old archive photos of Glasgow.
The ā€œCā€ numbers refer to an old archive image, for example when you search for C541, on the top right of the page, a photo of Glasgow Cathedral comes up.
I have included some up to date photos taken at the same spot 100 or so years later to see how it has changed.

Paperback only All 6 ebooks in one volume

Historic Buildings

Rivers & Canals

City centre