Rock albums

My first rock album. I wrote all the music and lyrics, played all the instruments live in the studio and sang the vocals. Track list - Da Dada Da 03:43 Scrabble 02:44 Silently 03:34 I'm Eight 03:03 Time 05:31 Poem About Life 04:16 Maybe Next Year 06:17 Best Days 03:59 Black Hills 02:18 Flip Side 04:24 Follow 04:57 I Promise 01:28

Rock single recorded at my home studio. My thoughts has a fast riff and beat, something like Primal Scream, Arctic Monkeys or the 1975. My Thoughts 03:21 Generations 03:30

My second rock album. All recorded live in the studio. There are some acoustic songs and more ballads. Track list - Jeremy Kyle Show 02:41 Da 03:44 Africa 03:12 Midnight 02:29 3 Mins Before World Ends 03:26 5PM Cocktails 04:06 Mary 03:38 House 02:57 Midnight (jazz) 02:26 Beautiful 03:15 Christian 02:22 Da Dadada Bebop (Remix) 02:50 Down 03:21 Hoping for A Love Song 03:41 Silently 04:13 Open 03:46 Tell Me Why 03:30 When the World Ends 01:26 Time 03:30 Hallelujah 03:10

Rock single. This is our calling is a heavy rock similar to System of a Down. Zombie is an instrumental with an amazing acoustic guitar solo. This Is Our Calling 03:03 Zombie 03:43


An EP with my Scottish anthem - Bonnie Scotland. An acoustic feel with some nice ballads. Bonnie Scotland 03:24 Our Wedding Day 01:47 Glorify 03:48 Another Poem About Life 02:32

Mixture of rock, acoustic, ballad, jazz and instrumental. Each song looks at a person's life on Valentine's day, some are happy, some sad. New York Evening Stroll 01:27 Sunny 03:04 Romeo 02:53 Cupid 03:31 Mixtape 03:19 Fairytales and Fairies 02:41 Death by Chocolate 01:28 Getting Ready 02:11 Prayer 01:43 Raindrops on the Glass 00:41 Rocking and a Rolling 02:15 Trees 02:39 Optimism 01:41 Holding On 01:11 Endless Whispers Fade 02:26 Beauty Queen 04:49 Night Cap 02:29 Another Wine 01:33 Awfy Old 02:42 Beauty Queen (Piano Version) 00:56

Rock single. Hitman has one of my favourite guitar solos. I wrote it imagining driving along Route 66 in America. Spaceman is a quirky song about, well, a spaceman. Hitman 03:26 Spaceman 03:32

A single with one of my favourite songs - Revolution. The song "playing the guitar" is played on only 2 strings of the guitar. Revolution 03:31 Playing the Guitar 03:13 Lifetimes (Instrumental) 02:59